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Asclepias perennis, Aquatic Milkweed

Asclepias perennis, Aquatic Milkweed

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(Come get them before the Monarchs)

Asclepias perennis, White Swamp Milkweed 

One of the more readily available native milkweeds, Asclepias perennis, is an easy to grow milkweed that hails from sunny floodplains, marshes, and other constantly wet sites from South Carolina, south to Florida and west to Texas.  It thrives in standard garden soils both in sun and part sun as long as it remains moist. Asclepias perennis forms a 1-2' tall x 1-2' wide small clump of upright, purple-blushed stems, clothed with long, narrow green leaves. Starting in spring, and continuing through summer, the clumps are topped with terminal clusters of 2 dozen rosy pink buds that open white, providing a feast for roving monarch butterflies and bees.

Florida Ecotype

Zones: 6b to 9b, at least

Dormancy: Winter

Height: 24" tall

Culture: Sun to Part Sun 

Origin: United States, Florida

Pot Size: Various, 6" (trade gallon) pot (about 3 qt), 4" pot (19.4 fl. oz/.57 L) 

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