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Macbridea caroliniana

Macbridea caroliniana

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Macbridea caroliniana

Macbridea caroliniana


(Macbridea pulchra)

Common Name(s)

Carolina Birds-in-a-nest, Carolina Bogmint

Phonetic Spelling
mak-BRIDE-ee-a kair-oh-lin-ee-AN-uh
Macbridea caroliniana is an easy-to-grow, albeit very rare Southeast (NC, SC, GA) US native mint relative. This Federal Species of Concern (Global G2 rank) is found most often in sphagnum bog edges, open forested bottomlands, and savannas. Carolina bogmint is a deciduous perennial that forms low patches of upright 8" tall green stems, topped with lovely raspberry pink flowers. Our plants entered the nursery trade through the Georgia conservation program. As with all endangered and threatened plants, ex-situ conservation is critical, so grow, propagate, and share.
Native Range
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
Hardiness Zone(s)
6b --to-- 9a
Deciduous, Herbaceous, Perennial
Swamp forests, especially in sphagnous seepage areas away from direct flooding, savanna seepages, pine savannas, sandhill seepages, edges, ditches.
Full Sun --to-- Part Shade
Growth Habit
Herbaceous perennial with winter rosettes and blooming on ~8" stems in the summer.
Soil Texture
Organic (Humus), Loam (Sand/Silt/Clay)
Stays Wet --to-- Somewhat moist, no flooding
Salt Water Tolerance
Not salt tolerant of inundation by salty or brackish water.
Salt Spray Tolerance
Low/no tolerance of salty wind or direct salt spray.
Recommended Uses
Bog Gardens, Pollinator Gardens, Showy Flowers
Pot Size
4in. Pot (19.4 fl. oz./0.57 L)
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