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Manfreda virginica (Agave virginica), False Aloe

Manfreda virginica (Agave virginica), False Aloe

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Manfreda virginica

(Agave virginica)

False Aloe

This easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant rhizomatous herbaceous perennial, makes a flat rosette of fleshy green leaves, often spotted liver-purple. In midsummer, Manfreda virginica rosettes are topped with 6' tall flower spikes, ending in a floral cluster of amazing, tubular purple flowers with huge yellow anthers (related to tuberose). These are especially loved by hummingbirds.

The American Aloe is easily grown in average well-drained garden soil in full sun to part shade, but can handle drought situations and thrives in xeric (dry) landscapes. The leaves of the American Aloe appear in spring forming an attractive basal rosette and are reminiscent of aloe with their dark green, soft, succulent leaves, hence its common name American Aloe. The inflorescence is unusual with the stamen protruding from the yellow-green tubular flowers, loosely arranged at the top of the stalk. The sweet, fruity fragrant flowers last from summer into fall. Unlike true agaves, the American Aloe can bloom multiple times during its lifespan. The American Aloe is only cross-pollinated by Sphinx moths, Noctuid moths, and bumblebees.

Diseases, Insects, and Other Plant Problems:

American Aloe has no significant insect or disease problems; however, the larvae of the sphinx moth, which is the primary pollinator, is the tomato or tobacco horn worm caterpillar.

Zones: 4b to 8b, at least
Dormancy: Winter
Height: 8" tall
Culture: Sun to Part Sun
Origin: United States
Pot Size: "gallon" pot (94.7 fl. oz/2.8 L)

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