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Funastrum clausum, White Twinevine

Funastrum clausum, White Twinevine

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Funastrum clausum, White twinevine

(Funastrum clausum) is an evergreen twining vine with large clusters of fragrant flowers. It occurs naturally in swamps, moist hammocks, coastal strands and wetland edges. Flowers typically bloom in summer and fall, but may bloom throughout the year. Like many members of the milkweed family, White twinevine is a larval host plant for Monarch, Queen and Soldier butterflies. Their caterpillars have adapted to feed on the plant, which contains a milky latex that is toxic to most animals. The flowers are also an important nectar source for bees and wasps.

White twinevine’s flowers are born in large umbels along the stem

Some sources classify this species as Funastrum clausum. It has also been known as Asclepias clausa and Cynachum clausum.

Family: Apocyanaceae (Dogbane or milkweed family)
Native range: Peninsular FL; s. TX south through Mexico and Central America to South America.
Hardiness: 9B–11
Lifespan: Perennial
Soil: Alkaline to mildly acidic, moist soil
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Growth habit: 10–30’+ long
Propagation: Seed, cuttings
Garden tips: This is an aggressive vine that can grow in many directions. In a home landscape, it may be difficult to control. It is best suited for a fence, arbor or trellis. This plant is not tolerant of freezing temperatures.

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