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Symphyotrichum concolor

Symphyotrichum concolor

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Symphyotrichum concolor

Symphyotrichum concolor


(Aster concolor, Aster simulatus)

Common Name(s)

Eastern Silver Aster, Eastern Silvery Aster

Phonetic Spelling
sim-fy-oh-TRY-kum KON-kol-or
Eastern silver aster (Symphyotrichum concolor) is a winsome wildflower found in Florida’s pineland habitats. It typically blooms in fall but may bloom in summer and early winter (or year-round in South Florida). Its many flowers provide nectar for a variety of butterflies.

Eastern silver aster’s flowers consist of lavender to bluish-purple ray florets surrounding a compact center of creamy white disk florets. Anthers are reddish-brown and extended. Leaves are linear and covered with a silky, silvery pubescence (hence its common name of “silver” aster). They are alternately arranged and slightly appressed. Bracts are pubescent with purplish uppers and green undersides. Fruit is an inconspicuous achene.

Native Range
Hardiness Zone(s)
8b --to-- 11b
Woody Perennial
Sandhills and pine flatwoods.
Growth Habit
Starts as a rosette then produces one to several, thin, arching stems upon which it produces flowers.
Soil Type
Clay, Loam (Silt), Sand though most often found in sand.
Moist to very dry
Salt Spray Tolerance
Not tolerant
Recommended Uses
Eastern silver aster is suitable for naturalistic landscapes and restorations. It should be planted with grasses and taller wildflowers to help support its stem. The plant grows in low-nutrient soils and is very drought tolerant.
Pot Size
4in. Pot (19.4 fl. oz./0.57 L)
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