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Thalia geniculata, Alligatorflag

Thalia geniculata, Alligatorflag

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Thalia geniculata

Alligatorflag (Thalia geniculata) (Fireflag) is a tall, sturdy herbaceous perennial. Small but attractive flowers on a very tall (comparatively) plant. Flowers are purple, 3-petaled and often nodding. Leaves are large (3+ long), broadly lanceolate with long petioles and pointed tips. They emerge from the base of the plant. Flower stalks tower above the leaves.

Alligatorflag typically blooms summer through fall. It occurs naturally in wetland depressions and cypress sloughs, and along the edges of marshes, swamps and wet ditches.

Alligatorflag is the host plant for the Brazilian skipper (Calpodes ethlius). It also provides cover for small vertebrates.

Young plants in 4" pots.

Native range: Most of the Florida peninsula.
To see where natural populations of alligatorflag have been vouchered, visit
Hardiness: 9-11
Soil: Wet, rich, acidic soils
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Growth habit: up to 9’ tall
Propagation: Seeds or division
Garden tips: Alligatorflag is good in areas such as pond edges. It does well in very wet conditions, including standing water. It is deciduous.

Pot size: 4"

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